Performance testing and monitoring is all about transforming your ideas, plans and action of your business into a successful one. To start, conduct and expand a business without implementing efficient monitoring system is a sure way to kill your business and corner yourself into the legions of failed corporates. Many organizations and businesses like Apica Systems ( have testing and monitoring in place that are completely independent of each other. While operations team carries out monitoring job, performance team is responsible for testing every aspect of the production process. Some small businesses may have combined these two strategies into one but as businesses have evolved and expanded, there comes the need for two separate entities.

Performance testing is done by developing set of test cases and working on them. The test automation system executes thousands of tests on the application to ensure that it is behaving as expected. Similarly, load testing is performed using a wide degree of activities to test system behavior and user experience. The monitoring team identifies various metrics to determine the overall functionality and effectiveness of a system ensuring that the thresholds are not exceeded. For instance, the team monitors network for clogging, disk for capacity, database for the possibility of deadlock and so on.

Then there is a concept of synthetic monitoring where testing and monitoring is done on synthetic or virtual users instead of the process on real users. Here, there is an opportunity to process the application within a short period of time. Various testing is executed on a variety of environment across multiple layers of technology. The synthetic user technology mimics real user behavior. The result is quick and efficient as well. In essence, advancements like synthetic monitoring let the team perform tests on virtual users and know the result first before they are tried on real users. These technologies are changing the methods by which businesses arrive at hiring, production, distribution marketing and other tasks. The internet and web-based technology are increasingly responsible for linking businesses, clients and customers as well.

In order to be a successful web-based business, you need to incorporate performance testing and monitoring into your process. Otherwise, you will risk losing your customers and clients within no time. If you are not monitoring your website, for example, on a regular basis through these tools, you are more likely to leave a non-functioning website for people to use. Imagine a potential user loading a shopping cart and unable to checkout. Or imagine a client unable to procure orders on time. These are situations that call for a reliable performance and monitoring system in place and without it, business may fail. As a result, more and more organizations are using sophisticated systems to showcase their technology capabilities, as well as to keep their websites running smoothly. Such use can include a variety of elements and attract customers from many platforms. These systems are a rich resource for every task involved in creating not only a good e-commerce website but a strong customer base too.

Testing and Monitoring Working Together