Testing and Monitoring Working Together

Performance testing and monitoring is all about transforming your ideas, plans and action of your business into a successful one. To start, conduct and expand a business without implementing efficient monitoring system is a sure way to kill your business and corner yourself into the legions of failed corporates. Many organizations and businesses like Apica Systems (https://www.apicasystems.com/blog/server-monitoring/) have testing and monitoring in place that are completely independent of each other. While operations team carries out monitoring job, performance team is responsible for testing every aspect of the production process. Some small businesses may have combined these two strategies into one but as businesses have evolved and expanded, there comes the need for two separate entities.

Performance testing is done by developing set of test cases and working on them. The test automation system executes thousands of tests on the application to ensure that it is behaving as expected. … Read More

What Is A Healthcare Kiosk?

Well, in a nutshell, a healthcare kiosk is a kiosk for healthcare. Not to sound flippant, but it is a rather self-explanatory little device. What’s amazing about the kiosks of today are the vast capabilities that they can offer, all with a simple touch of a screen.

The advancements of today continue to astound us all. The venerable kiosk is no exception. These little power packed devices have taken on the herculean task of managing the multitude of healthcare procedures and protocols. The healthcare industry has become a veritable monster when it comes to information, and the tracking and managing thereof. Not to worry, however, the brilliant masters who have come to the forefront of technology, via the digital revolution, have forged a niche for themselves in a very competitive industry: The Kiosk.

The history of the kiosk is varied and lengthy, but everything that has happened in the past, … Read More